2023 TOTY Application

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    • Please complete your professional biography in third person, as this will be used in promotional materials for GaDOE speaking opportunities and engagements. By completing this section, you agree that your biography and headshot can be used in GaDOE materials. (maximum 250 words)
    • Application Questions

    • Describe a content lesson or unit that defines you as a teacher. How did you engage students of all backgrounds and abilities in the learning? How did that learning influence your students? How are your beliefs about teaching demonstrated in this lesson or unit? (maximum 750 words)
    • Describe a project or initiative you have been involved in which contributed to the improvement of overall school culture. What was your role, how did you collaborate with others, and what is the status of this project today? Please include evidence of student impact. (maximum 500 words)
    • How do you ensure that education transcends the classroom? Describe specific ways in which you deliberately connect your students with the community. Please include evidence of student impact. (maximum 500 words)
    • What do you consider to be a major public education issue today? Describe how you demonstrate being a lifelong learner, leader, and innovator about this issue, both in and outside of the classroom walls. (maximum 500 words)
    • As the 2023 Georgia Teacher of the Year, you serve as a spokesperson and representative for teachers and students. What is your message? What will you communicate to your profession and to the public? (maximum 750 words)
    • The position of Georgia Teacher of the Year serves as a spokesperson. This involves taking speaking engagements across the state and country. The person that holds this position must also be able to manage and maintain social media accounts. Does your experience with public speaking and maintaining a social media account make you qualified for this position? If yes, why? (maximum 250 words)
    • Supporting Evidence

    • Attach three letters of recommendation that support why this candidate should be the 2023 Georgia Teacher of the Year. At least one of these must be a recommendation from a parent, colleague, administrator or student. Each signed PDF letter should not exceed one page in length. Name document files: District_Support_Letter_1 District_Support_Letter_2 District_Support_Letter_3
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